About the Firm

“A great deal of talent is lost in this world for the want of a little courage,” the English essayist Sydney Smith once wrote. And the attorneys of Daspin & Aument have taken those words to heart as a source of inspiration and distinction.

Seeking a break from the traditional large law firm business model, an entrepreneurial team of attorneys founded Daspin & Aument in 2004 as a boutique business law firm focused primarily on commercial real estate matters. Their vision: to create a high-touch and hard-working firm with all attorneys attuned to responsiveness, inspired thinking, and commitment. A firm dedicated to providing – efficiently and cost-effectively – the top-quality legal expertise today’s sophisticated businesses demand, yet without the bureaucracy, impersonal service, and prohibitively high hourly rates that often hinder large general practice firms.

Today, Daspin & Aument delivers high-quality consultation, creativity, advice and attention that clients require and deserve.

Our Difference

We are a boutique business law firm focused on commercial real estate, litigation, and business matters. Our clients are smart and savvy players in their businesses who value a relationship that concentrates on their needs. 

We believe that our clients appreciate our emphasis on quality control, best practices, and cost-effective, efficient legal work. All partners at Daspin & Aument practiced at major national law firms, and we understand that business model. Our approach is different. We solve legal problems and advance our client’s business in a way that makes better sense. That means striving to constantly provide personal, thoughtful, prompt work that gets to the point. That also means working on legal matters unbound by administrative bureaucracy, duplicative staff, and unnecessary bells and whistles … all at rates that are fair and more than competitive with any firm of comparable experience. We hope you see it the same way.

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