Land Use, Zoning and Incentives

Represented a major cultural institution in obtaining approval from the City of Chicago and the Chicago Park District to implement its long-term Master Plan and expand its facilities, including approval of a Planned Development Application and a Lakefront Protection Application.

Represented a national university in obtaining approval of a Lakefront Protection Application and various land use approvals to permit development of a field house in Chicago’s Loop area.

Represented a major grocery chain and developer in obtaining government approvals needed from the City of Chicago and the Chicago Transit Authority to acquire a seven-acre site and develop a grocery-anchored shopping center, including approval of an Application to Acquire Publicly Owned Property, a Redevelopment Agreement, a Planned Development Ordinance and Tax Increment Financing.

Represented a nonprofit senior housing organization in transitioning to a full-service continuum-of-care facility in Chicago, including an amendment to an existing Planned Development Ordinance and approval of a Lakefront Protection Application.

Represented national developers in obtaining zoning approvals over 45 major developments in Chicago’s suburbs.

Represented a national grocery chain in obtaining approval of a Redevelopment Agreement governing sales tax allocation in several Chicago suburbs.

Represented a national developer in negotiating a $4 million tax increment financing grant to allow a commercial development in a western suburb of Chicago.

Obtained authorization of numerous multi-million Class L Property Tax Incentives to support rehabilitation of prominent Chicago landmarks located in the Central Loop and surrounding neighborhoods.

Represented owners of historic properties located throughout Chicago in negotiating approval of major redevelopment plans, property tax incentives and landmark designations.